View Our Cattery Permit Certifications

04/01/2023 Happy to announce that my "Lil-Darlynn Cattery" has passed its yearly health and permit inspection by the State of Florida Pinellas County. Everything was in compliance, including all vaccinations, health certificates, rabies, licenses, outdoor exercise areas, etc.

TICA "Code of Ethics" and "OUTSTANDING" TICA Catteries do more for their cats, have better habitat conditions, strict high-level Cattery policies, and therefore, higher quality, happier, healthier Minuet / Napoleon Cats.  At Lil-Darlynn Cattery, we have signed and adhered to the  TICA "Code of Ethics" and are currently in the process of being a TICA "OUTSTANDING CATTERY."  There are hundreds of Catteries and very few OUTSTANDING Catteries.  Look for us soon on the TICA "OUTSTANDING CATTERY" list on the Official TICA website.